Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last weeks mayhem

Elodie celebrated being 6 months old last week. She had her 6 months vaccinations and got a thorough check up from the nurse. Turns out she is still a big girl! She now weighs 17.9 lbs and is in the 75th percentile for height and head. She also got to enjoy her first cookie. Kaiya was thrilled that she was eating "people" food.

Elodie's milestones so far:

-Sits on her own (without support)
-Rolls from back to tummy, but flails till you flip her over again
-Claps her hands
-Laughs when you sing to her or tickle her.
-Responds to her name 

HAIR TRAIN! Getting ready for bed one night.
(no, I am not naked. I am wearing shorts and a tube top. Sicko!)

Our hole is now a basement! 

And finally, we also bought Kaiya her very first Guitar. It was a steal for $10 bucks used on an online Swap. It's not a very nice guitar and it is very out of tune but what else do you need for a 2 year old? When/if she decides that guitar will be the root for her then maybe we will buy her a better one. 

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