Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My annual haircut

I just got back from getting my annual haircut and I am suddenly reminded as to why I only go annually. I hate getting my hair cut. No one does it right, they over charge you and I always go home and recut it anyways. For those who don't know, I am a former hairstylist and I just can't seem to find a stylist who cuts my hair the way that I guess I do/would. I do cut and color my own hair in between "professional" visits, I just reach a point where I get tired of doing it. Well when I had Elodie I received a coupon for a free haircut to a local salon. After humming and hawing I booked it. The cut's not bad, I still have to blend it a bit. It's very short, it doesn't go past my bra strap (oh dear god!). For a free haircut it works but it wasn't a free haircut. The stylist made a comment about my beautiful yellow, I mean blonde, hair and convinced me to tone it. $66.00 later and it's the same color I walked in with. Urg!! Remind me in a year to just cut it myself.

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