Friday, November 25, 2011

Fading from History

As I search through photos of me to change my profile picture on Facebook to, I realize that I am slowly fading away. I love taking pictures of my family and majority of the time if I don't remember to whip out the camera at special events my hubby sure as hell won't. With that said I am never in front of the camera. I realized the other day that there isn't a single picture of me with Elodie so far. Not from the hospital, not from coming home and especially none of me and her at home. I feel a little saddened by this. There are few pictures of my mom when we were little and the ones that we do have I absolutely love. You are only young once and I can't wait to hear Kaiya and Elodie make fun of my hair, clothes or make-up in these "old" photos of me, except that won't be an issue the way I am slowly fading away. Thank goodness I pushed to have belly shots taken while I was pregnant or there wouldn't be any pregnancy pictures of me either. *la sigh*

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