Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cabin fever

Play Date. My best friend stopped by last week to meet Elodie. Her son Kalen is 6 months younger than Kaiya and her little girl is almost 2 months older then Elodie (born September 21st).
Bath night. Although she screams bloody murder, she is so cute soaking wet.
The first and only picture of me with Elodie (so far).
Do you think my hubby has gotten the hint yet ;)

It's been over a week since I have had an opportunity to blog. If I'm not being a mommy and a dog walker then I am a maid, chef and wife (wait, aren't those the same things?) and when I am not those then I am sleeping, or at least trying to.

Blair went back to work last week so this week was a little trying. Elodie has been a little fussy. She is wide awake in the morning and evenings and at about 3 am. She naps at the same time as Kaiya which gives me some down time but also makes the awake times that much more challenging.

We had her 2 week check up yesterday and she is growing like a weed. She is 9 pounds and 120z. already, almost a full pound over her birth weight Whit Whoo. She has a major bum rash right now. Her skin is so sensitive and no matter what I did I could not get it under control. She is now on a prescription bum cream and it seems to be helping, keep your fingers crossed. I also had a chance to bring her in to my work and show her off. It was nice to catch up with some of the gossip and have a normal adult conversation again. I miss everyone from work, they are like a second family. Besides my hubby and Kaiya they were the people I spent the most time with.

Tomorrow we have our big Meet and Greet for Elodie at my mom's house. I can't wait for everyone to meet her and it's a great excuse to eat awesome food without feeling guilty.

And that's us in a nut shell. I promise to talk about something other than babies next. I need to get out of this house, I am going a little stir crazy!

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