Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before and After the removal of Frank the Fibroma

AKA Timmy the Tumor. Now that Blair is all healed up I have been given permission to post the before and afters of his tumor.
As you can see from the before pictures, it wasn't really that noticeable. It took Blair 4 years to realize that something needed to be done with this slow growing mass in his gums and even then it was the fact that his teeth were beginning to separate that we decided it was time to speak to someone about it.
The surgeon did an amazing job. There is no indication from the shape of his face that he is missing such a large chunk of bone and the fact that they were able to save the gums by peeling them back before removing Frank makes it look like he is only missing the 2 teeth. Now, we just have to pray that it doesn't come back and that they got it all.

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