Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Prosthodontist Appointment

What a waste of time and money. First off, I should of gone but I didn't. With it not being MY doctor appointments I actually don't get the time off of work to go, I have to claim them as vacation. I should of gone with him for support but I didn't because I was thinking that maybe it would be pretty straight forward: this is what we are doing, this is what it's going to cost, this is what is covered, kind of appointment.

Um, nope. After speaking with Blair, I found out that the doctor told him NOTHING *fake look of shock on my face*. It was a 10 minute appointment, they told him he didn't know what they could do for him, that we will have to wait and see till after the surgery. The doctor continued to tell Blair that no, he did not feel that Blair would be a good candidate for bone grafts because the hole will be too large (Bone Grafts are covered under Health Care) but that they can for sure do a partial denture to replace the 4 teeth, but the hole will remain (which is not covered). He then took a quick mold of his mouth and passed him a $400.00 consultation bill. WTF?! Are you serious. The 10 minutes it took for you to proclaim that you are an idiot cost us $400.00?!

Needless to say I have been on the phone all afternoon looking for an alternative to Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists (real Doctors who know what they are doing perhaps may help, not dentists). Now the hard part is trying to get these jack asses to "refer" us to someone else because God forbid we try and see a doctor of some form without a referral first. So far 1 out of the 2 doctors that Blair is dealing with right now have refused. Keep your fingers crossed that the surgeon has a heart and doesn't just view us as walking dollar signs.

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  1. That is unfreaking unbelievable. I can't believe they are being complete assholes. They are making this 1000 times harder for you guys. I am so sorry. You guys really don't deserve this <3