Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pregnancy update: 23 weeks

How Far Along? 23 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 14 pounds now, boo
Maternity Clothes? All the way, too bad they don't make mat clothes that are super cute and affordable.
Stretch Marks? Still just old ones, *Whish Shoo*
Sleep? Getting a little more uncomfortable and a little hotter.
Best Moment this week? This is a tough one, can I come back to this later?
Movement? Lots and lots and lots.
Food Cravings? Not really.
Gender? Didn't find out but had a dream that it was a girl.
Labour Signs?
Belly Button In or Out? Still in
What I miss? Beer :(
What I am looking forward to? Hitting the 24 weeks mark next week (meaning that if I go into labour there is a chance that the baby will survive ie: lung development)
Weekly Wisdom: Don't push it too far, your pelvic might feel like it's gonna split in 2 if you do.
Milestone: Almost hitting 6 months.

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