Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Does everything come in 3?

It is going to be one of those "I'm a cranky pregnant lady" posts and "the world sucks right now".
Last night I came home to survey the mouse traps and listen to the low, mind numbing buzzing sound of 5 new ultrasonic mice be goners. I was sad to think of the $300.00 we might have to spend to have someone come in and take a look around to say "yup, you have mice. Here's some traps".
Over the weekend our lovely sink in the kitchen exploded. Not literally, but one of the pipes under the sink came loose and water poured everywhere. It was a mess. I cried while I tried to fix it, clean up the water, take care of babe and get ready for a birthday party that we needed to be at in an hour. After I had jimmied it enough so that the sink worked, Blair said he would take care of it after he was done work (which he has yet to even look at).
So to add insult to injury, yesterday I noticed that our linoleum in the kitchen, right behind our sink, is now puckered and puffy. I cleaned up the water the best I could but apparently it must of snuck through the cabinetry and pooled just under the counters for a devastating effect. Which means that in order for us to eventually sell we need replace our floor AND fix the sink. UGH! I am so frustrated! It wasn't that much water and yet our floor is now ruined.
Should I dare ask, what else could go wrong?!

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