Monday, May 9, 2011

When it rains, it pours..... Mice!

I am so sick of all the bad news we have been getting lately. I am beyond stressed about Blair's tumor, my pregnancy, family and now we have discovered that we have mice. I HATE mice. We lived in an infested house when we first got married. After the landlord had advised us to just lay down traps instead of getting an exterminator in, I vowed to never live in a mice infested home again.

When we first built our home now, we noticed that we had a few evidences of mice activity. We laid a couple of traps and placed the ultrasonic thingies around the property. It worked, at least till now. We thought we had noticed small mice activity last week in the basement. Now Blair has informed me that he has indeed found mice feces in our living room along the baseboards. I thought I was going to barf, then cry.

In the rental home I would lay awake and listen to the skittering of the mice int he walls. petrified to fall asleep because a mouse might run across our bed. Now all I can think about is them living in Kaiya's mattress or burrowing into our food stores.

I am so sick of dealing with mice!! Any helpful suggestions on how to rid our home of these pests once and for all?



  1. a way to naturally keep mice away, as I see you have a small child and one on the way would be peppermint oil. The smell is to strong for the mice. Put it anywhere you find mice droppings. You may want to do this along with traps and then when you think you have gotten them out of your home dose any opening to your home(doorway, garage door, vents ect) with the oil to prevent them from trying to enter your home.

  2. Another thing you could try is steel wool. Put it in ANY crack that you find in your house.. like pipes,etc. Any hole that is bigger than a dime, stuff that stuff in. They can't chew through it.

  3. Oooh Good ideas! I am going to try both, wish me luck :)