Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NT Scan

Last week we had our NT Scan. This is done at 12 weeks and can give you an idea of what your chances are of your baby having down syndrome, trisomy 18 etc. They take the results of the blood test and measurements from the fetus at the ultrasound to determine your odds.
We got to our NT Scan, had an awesome ultrasound. The baby was cooperating and also jumping around like a little bean and making us laugh. It's heart rate was at 157 and it was measuring right on track. When it came to discussing our results, they took us into a little Consultation room and left us there for quite a while.
A doctor finally came in and said "I have good news and bad news" Who the F says that?! My heart was racing.

"Well the good news is that the baby looks great, the bad news is that we are unable to read your blood results."
Great, so I go and give more blood and then wait. We wait for 3 more days. Finally they called last friday to tell me the results. Verdict is: Everything is perfect, our chances are very low, but the best part about this story is why they were having trouble reading my blood results.

nurse: "So I'm not sure if anyone had informed you as of why we were unable to read your blood tests"

me: "no"

nurse: "Well your test results actually came back saying that your HCG level was zero. This is the hormone that is released when you become pregnant and when it is zero then you are not pregnant. So we called the lab to let them know that there must of been a switch in the test. Their response to us was 'are you sure that she is pregnant' um yeah, we are staring at her baby on the ultrasound right now. So needless to say your new blood work indicates that yes indeed you have a high level of HCG and are pregnant."

me: "Haha someone is walking around right now thinking that they are pregnant when they are not. Could you imagine if it was a man who received my test results or worse a wife who is cheating on her husband."