Friday, September 17, 2010

Um did you miss me?!

I know! I am slacking. I am just having a tough time trying to find time in my super booked schedule to blog (insert sad face) but here is my update.

My dog is sick. Nanook has been shitting all over the house for the past 5 days and we couldn't figure out if he had gotten into anything or is it was a bug. Turns out he has an over abundance of bacteria in his gut that no doubt was from him eating something nast to begin with. Now we have him on antibiotics so hopefully he stops pooping on my carpet!!
Work is long
School is chaotic and stressful
Family life is great, but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to be with my little pumpkin.

This weekend is already jam packed to the brim with things to do. First tomorrow I have a work function in the afternoon, we all get to go to Cirque De Solei yay!!! How fun. Then I am being picked up by my man and am heading to his Uncles for a birthday gathering. Somewhere in there I need to hand in 3 assignments and write a quiz. Then on Sunday we will be celebrating my sisters big 30! and probably getting some decorations for little babes bday. And that's it.

PS: My first paper generated an 100%! Woot Woo!

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  1. I miss you!!! I am glad school is going well. Hope that work is okay at least. Looking forward to seeing you, hopefully sometime soon.