Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking in from the outside

I am starting to feel like an outsider again. Because I am working full time and taking 6 classes I have been swamped, but to top it off I am also starting to hit a depression spiral. I watch as everyone else is making plans, going out for drinks, having dinner, ejoying a "night to themselves" and all I want is to be involved. I don't get invites to the girl's night outs, no one thinks to call to see how I am doing, I havn't been able to see any of my friends in quite a while. I am just so lonely and I feel as though I have been left out of the party invites. I understand that people probably think that I am just so busy they don't want to bother calling, or if I had time I would call them but this is BULL SHIT! Why is it that I am always the one who needs to do the calling, inviting, or just checking in? When I get busy that's it..... I'm scraped from the social list. What the frick! It doesn't help that family takes priority over friends and I have one night a week to actually do something and it always ends up being a family get together of some form. I guess I am just doomed to have no social life.


  1. It's always so frustrating when friends don't take the time to make a phone call. I hate having to be the one who always initiates things!
    If you're free tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), a friend and I are going to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary at 2pm. Call or text me if you want to join us!

  2. I know how you feel. I'm not even nearly as busy as you... so my friends don't have that excuse to fall on! I'm sure it will only get worse for me when I start back to work on Monday. Sorry you're feeling bummed and lonely :(