Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This week in a nut shell

Lots of new things this week. Babe is now almost walking full time. She is in the stage where she wants to walk every where but her balance still sucks so it's still a 50/50 with the monkey crawl.

We bought a new computer, yay! It was well over due and although we didn't get a MAC (the cost for those are just out of our price range..... by a lot!) we did get a smokin good deal on a PC. It's so little and quick! What a difference 6 years makes in computer technology. The tower is now sitting on the desk instead of the floor and is about a third of the size of our old beast.

My baby bro returned home from Indonesia, double yay! He was just home for 2 days before he had to head off to the Hat for school, but it was so awesome to see him. He was feeling a little under the weather from travel, rich foods, maybe a bug too etc. so our visit was a little lacking, but it was still nice.

I registered my business, so it is now legit! I guess I can call myself a business owner now, even if it is teeny tiny. Feel free to check out the website:

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