Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maybe if I slip some Baileys into my coffee

The inevitable transition has begun. I have all day to myself, I have not child, I have no hubby. Just me and the Nano's. Blair of course is off to work and Babe is at the day home. I was originally going to start work today but after speaking with the government they informed that it would be a bad idea to start before my EI ran out. Lots of paper work, maybe even us paying the government back,blah blah blah. So as you already know my new start date is September 7th. Fine by me.... an extra week almost to spend at home sleeping in. Accept I didn't sleep in. Someone had this hair brain idea to get up and do a "trial run" of what our day will be (since we are already paying for the day home we might as well use it) ok so it was me who wanted to get up at 6:30 and get ready to go absolutely nowhere. I am so regretting it now.

So the point of this post really is that I am so friggin bored already. It has been all of 13 minutes and I am sitting here wondering if I'm aloud to pop open a wine bottle yet.

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