Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why Not Wednesday

We have this thing at work where everyone takes turns and brings in some munchies etc. every Wednesday. I am not really apart of their department but some how I have weaseled my way in. Well today is my first Why not Wednesday and I am feeling a little self conscious. I was so excited that I had made all of my goodies, but when the other girl who is in on this Wednesday with me showed up she seemed to have 3 times as much food!! My goodness, what am I going to do?! I spent all of yesterday afternoon preparing and baking (and it was so stinkin hot) but now I don't feel like it is good enough. Here is my list of things I baked:

Chipotle pepper homemade crackers
Cheese and Chive homemade crackers
Apple Crunch Muffins
Fruit Dip
Dill Dip
Cheese, Chive and Bacon Dip

I think I should of brought more substance, I hope it's enough to accepted into the Why not Wednesdays!

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