Friday, July 3, 2009

Langley and Burnaby

Just wanted to add more excitement about our trip.

After the Coldplay concert we stayed with T&D for 2 more nights in Langley and got to do a little bit of relaxing, on one day Blair and I went out to Fort Langley with T to get some amazing chocolates and to check out the cute town, it was so lovely there with all the old buildings and the small original shops. After that we played the famous Settlers game that we love so much, actually we played it every night except the Coldplay night!

Blair and I got to check out White Rock, nice little ocean town with good fish and chips.

After leaving Langley we headed up to Burnaby to visit Blair's Aunt and Uncle that live there. They ended up taking us to The Aquarium to see the baby Beluga whale. Oh so cute! That evening we had supper at his cousin's house. They were so nice and gave us a bunch of baby things, toys, back pack carrier seat, tons of stuff.

The next morning we headed out to his Aunt and Uncle's condo on the Sunshine Coast at Secret Cove. Our first ferrie ride.

Blair and I on the pier at White Rock

Me Berry Picking

Blair Berry Picking

Baby Beluga

The seals at the Aquarium. The one on the far right would not stop rubbing it's butt.

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