Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The end of our trip

Catching Crabs in Secret Cove


Taking a boat ride with Uncle John

Blair and I infront of the Empress in Victoria

Well my husband has been hogging the computer at home so I haven't been able to post any pictures yet. Apparently he has to catch up on his World Of Warcraft game that he neglected for all of 10 days while we were gone. I really wanted to get some 27 week pics taken and put up but do you think I can steal him for one moment....nope!

The last of our trip...... Secret Cove was great and relaxing! We got to go Crab fishing and caught 3 good ones to eat yum. We also did a bit of kayaking and sight seeing. Man it was peaceful there. I loved getting up in the morning and just sitting on the patio enjoying my breakfast and watching the boats sailing around in the cove. There are some massive "Yachts" and Blair was awfully motivated to come home and make millions of dollars (not sure how) so that we could own one too one day.

After Secret Cove we took another ferrie to the mainland again, drove all the way down to Tawwassan and grabbed a ferrie there to take us over to Victoria. WE made it to Vic by 10:30, you can imagine what time we had to get up at to achieve that.

My favorite part of the trip was tyring to decipher my brothers "treasure map" to find the hand fed Seals. When we originally told him we were making a pit stop at Victoria this is what he told us:

"Go down to the docks in front of the famous hotel, there you will find a man who will take you by boat to a place called Fisherman's Cove. Once at Fisherman's Cove go all the way to the end of the dock and look for a fish merchant, ask him for some seal fish. Across from the fish merchant there will be 3 seals that hang around all year long waiting for people to feed them, it is the coolest thing! Try and pet them while you are feeding them"

I was so looking forward to finding these seals. We get to the Empress Hotel, this must be the "famous" hotel he is talking about, go down to the docks and there is a boat taxi that will take us basically anywhere. This must be the "man" who will take us over. I'm looking on the map and there is no Fisherman's Cove but there is a Fisherman's Wharf. We take the taxi over, which turns out to be a maybe 5 minute ride. Get off, it's a cute little place with houses floating on the water like Houseboats, only replica's of actually houses. We go to the end of the dock, no merchant, no seals. What the heck?! WE retrace our steps and low and behold behind a group of people, where we just walked past there was the fatest seal I have ever seen, rolling around eating fish. I was so excited I screamed "look Blair there he is! There's the Seal!" A man turned to me and asked if I wanted to feed him, Heck yes! So both Blair and I got the feed the seal it was one of the best experiences ever! Turns out we could of walked and we walked back to the Empress.

We took a tour of the Parliament building, as well as Craigdarick Castle. Both were amazing. And by the time all that was said and done, it was time to head over to our B&B and go out for supper. It was a long day and Blair was asleep by 7:00.

The next morning was more driving. We went up to Nanoose to visit another one of Blair's Aunt and Uncle. Their second home was 3 times the size of our only home. It was beautiful. We had a picnic by the ocean and some sight seeing. Blair's Aunt made an amazing meal of Surf and Turf, and then off to bed.

In the morning we got up packed and waved goodbye to Vancouver Island, then Vancouver then drove all the way to Kelowna. There we got to visit some family friends from my side and check out a winery.

Finally, we drove home to Calgary. It was so nice to see m puppy, I missed him so bad!

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