Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This week I have felt a million times better. I began Yoga last Thursday and I have to admit that I do feel a little silly. I am by far the earliest person there and everyone has a cute little bump and I have, well bloat. Oh well if it helps me feel better than who is to say I don't belong. We are all pregnant!

I have finally spilled the beans to one of my closest friends last night. I was so nervous about telling her, I am so nervous about telling everyone. I am so afraid that if I come out and tell the world that something bad is going to happen and my baby will be taken away from me again. I wanted to tell her first since she has been with me through my journey and I have been there with her through hers. She herself struggles with not getting pregnant and although our stories are very different, our disapointment has been the same. I didn't take my infertility very well, I struggled with it and I probably reacted to it more negatively than others do. When I told her last night I was more than happy that she was so excited and happy for us. Her response was "Honey, I already knew! I was just waiting for you to say you were." I love her dearly and I am so excited now that she is excited too. She is a much stronger person than I am and she deserves this more than me!

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  1. I love you too!! I am so happy for you and Blair!!