Monday, March 16, 2009

Late 20's, ready or not here I come!

Today is my 27th birthday. I have received so many Happy Birthdays I can't keep count. Both my Parents and one of my best friends Megan have sent me some beautiful flowers. Of course I really don't feel any older but it's the first birthday in many years where I actually feel like celebrating. Not just because I have a baby on the way but because I actually am now feeling more comfortable with who I am and am surrounded so many wonderful friends and family now.

Two more days till our 12 week ultrasound and I am on pins and needles. My biggest fear is the technician saying that the baby had stopped growing and there is no heart beat. I have been feeling amazing, no aches and pains which of course scares me and makes me think that the baby has indeed stopped growing! I know I am being a worry wart, but I have not been to the doctors or had an ultrasound in nearly a month and I am definitely getting anxious. Wednesday cannot come soon enough!

I received my first baby gifts on the weekend from Megan and her husband I had tears well up in my eyes. Her and her husband gave us two onesies a gorgeous teddy bear and a green and brown very soft blanket. I pulled out the onesies and my first thoughts were "my God, these are tiny! I am going to have a tiny little baby!" It definitely made it a little more real. Especially since it is the first thing that we actually have for baby now. We really need to get on the ball and start shopping I think.

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