Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Iagan is here!

My husbands cousin had her baby last night at 10:12pm. I am so happy for them! His name is Iagan (pronounced Eeegan) he was 5lb 10oz. Mommy and baby are doing great. It was a long labour by the sounds of it but he made it!

I am starting to feel self conscious about my bump. I keep getting the "Wow, you are really big for only being 3 months". At first I was so proud of it, now I just want to hide it. Am I really that big? How small should I be? Have I gained more weight than my scale is telling me? I am so worried that this is a sign that I am going to be gigantic towards the end. I really want to be the cute pregnant lady that is all tummy, but at the rate I am going it looks like I am going to balloon out of control. What do I do?!

I had a dream last night that I was bringing home baby. It was a little girl and I was getting frustrated that I couldn't find a blanket to swaddle her in. I was in the car with my Mom and sister heading over to my parent's house. Mom was driving and Chrissa was beside me in the back seat. She was so beautiful I was just cradling her to me ( I guess we didn't need a car seat in my dream ) and then I did what every mother dreads, I dropped her on her head! I cried and cried in my dream, and I woke up so distressed. I guess this is the first of many baby dreams to come.


  1. I am sure your bump is cute!! You waited a very long time to have that bump i say flaunt it while you got it!!!!

  2. enjoy the bump! it is the most beautiful and amazing thing. no need to be concerned. just remember to be healthy for your little one. :)