Monday, March 23, 2009

Beans are Spilt

Finally! Our families now know. I feel much better now that everything is out in the open, and that I am not hiding anything. Everyone on my side was not overly shocked, I think they expected it. Blair's side on the other hand did not see it coming. We did get a few..."it's about time you told us, you should of told us 2 months ago." My Mom has apparently been on the phone all morning telling everyone our good news.

My sister gave me a few maternity outfits which has been my saving grace today, I definitely think I need to get some more before the week is up. I look ridiculous in a lot of my regular clothes, or so my husband says. I just laugh it off. I don't care how big I get, I'm just happy to be pregnant.

All that we have left to do now is to go shopping.... the best part!

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