Monday, July 1, 2013

Neighbours from Hell

Yup, we have one of those. I once again had an another confrontation with our neighbour. We live next door to the most ignorant, hypocritical a**holes you will ever meet. From day one they have been a thorn in our side as well as everyone else around them. Their ignorance ranges from extremely loud music to full out shovelling snow onto our driveway. They have absolutely no landscaping done, they have weeds not grass. Their lawn is littered with a bbq and an old chair but is this what our fight was about?! Nope.

I decided to water my lawn. That's it.
Sorry, let's rewind. I live by Calgary. As of recently Calgary faced a devastating natural disaster. Flash flooding left many people homeless and when able to return home many found that they have not much to go back to. During the floods some of Calgary's resources were threatened including drinking water. As a community outside of Calgary these floods hit very close to home and Airdrie residents pitched in to do all that they could to help out our neighbours. Many people volunteered, donated clothes, food and money. But the city of Airdrie itself was also placed on an outdoor water ban to help conserve the drinking water.  We respected that.

As of today that water ban was lifted. It has been scorching hot the last few days and our grass was very thirsty so I watered it. I left the sprinkler on for maybe 10 minutes. The neighbour yelled at me, not even to my face but as I was walking away when I turned my water off. "There is a water ban on!"
"No. it's been lifted." I yelled back, not even turning around.
"Nope. Still on."
I actually pulled up the City of Airdrie website on my phone and waved it in their faces. "Do not yell at me. According to the City of Airdrie there is NO water ban." May I also add that during this they were having a fire in make shift fire pit (aka steel drum) and completely uncovered, which in not allowed in the city of Airdrie and also that I never made any snarky rude comments about (ok, maybe during the yelling match I may have).

A neighbour from across the street heard the crazy lady yell at me and came over to make sure I was ok. That was like fuel on the fire. Next thing I know I am defending the fact that my children wander over into her yard (which is unfenced because they refuse to help us pay for it/build it) and my dog cries and whines all day when I'm not home.
First off, I may have dropped the F bomb when I told her they were too cheap to help us pay for the fence, hence the reason why my kids are in her yard "I'm just trying to keep my family contained, there is only so much yelling I can do to keep them out of the fun dirt pile you live in". Secondly, anyone who has met my dog knows that Nanook does not whine or cry when we leave him alone. In fact, when Blair or I sometimes come home for lunch from work it's a hit or miss if our lazy ass dog gets off the couch to even greet us.
So not only is she a rude ignorant B*tch, but she is a liar as well. It did not go well.


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  2. I have had this problem and yes my solutions was to move ! i actually feel sorry for the sap that bought the house .....i am sure i will have penance for that one!