Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back to work on Thursday

After a year of mat leave I am finally going back. *la sigh*
That year went by so fast and I woke us this morning feeling slightly depressed.
Yesterday Kaiya started back at the day home again, Elodie was supposed to start with her but low and behold she came down with another flu on the weekend and has still not fully recovered.  The house has been so quiet and all I can think about is "I miss my little munchkin". She is such a pain in my ass right now. She has started her "trying three's" stage. Talking back, potty talk, tuning me out and just testing her limits but in between all the mood swings and small rampages she is so darn sweet I just want to eat her with a bowl of cherries.
I am extremely anxious about returning to work. I know that a lot has changed in the past year and I hope that I am not too overwhelmed. Also, the change of morning routine will be a huge shock. I am looking forward to socializing with adults again, going to the bathroom by myself and being able to just sit in my office and have "alone" time. I cannot decide what's considered to be the break, mat leave from my job, or my job from my children.

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