Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going to the Chapel

One thing I have not blogged about and this is entirely because I have been stupid busy with packing and house stuff and that is my sisters wedding.

Back story: About a year and a half ago my sister and Blair's friend from high school (and the best man at our wedding) decided it would be a good idea to hook up. Blair and I thought hmm..... maybe not such a great idea. What if it didn't work out?! Would we be forced to choose sides? Blair and his friend had a bit of  falling out years ago and it would break his heart to get attached again only for things not to work. Slowly but surely we came around. A year later and things were still going strong, he popped the question, they moved in together and batta-bing batta-boom they got themselves hitched. I don't have mush in the way of photos seemings how I was in the wedding party but this is what Blair was able to capture. Hopefully more to come.

Groom and his parents 

Me and the best man (grooms brother) 

My brother and grooms sister 

My little peanut and cousin Carson 

My beautiful sister and my parents 

My little Elodie in her pretty dress

It was a beautiful wedding. Small and semi-informal. It all took place at Nose Creek Park in our little city and then back to my parent's place for dinner and booze. I was the DD so I made my own fun with the photo booth (pics to come).

Congratulations to my big sister! You looked so beautiful and happy!

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