Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not to ink.........for now

Looks like I must put my dreams of permanently etching artwork onto my body on hold for now. I have picked out what I wanted, where on my body to do it and then finally the artist who I wanted to undertake the deed only to discover that the shop will not ink anyone who is breast feeding. *la sigh* I am beyond disappointed but I will not switch to formula just to beautify my body so until Elodie is at least eating 3 full meals a day and not relying solely on me for her nutrients and survival I will remain a tattoo virgin.


  1. I faced the same disappointment a couple years ago. Gotta do what's best for babe though! I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Now, are you going to tell... who? what? where?? :)

  2. I will not say as to what, but I have finally decided on Bushido as to where. They have a great reputation, clean and every person I talked to recommended them first.