Saturday, February 11, 2012

Step 1: Rearrange your entire world

We had a stager come into our home today to give us pointers for when we list our home. It went terrible! Well let me rephrase that. The stager had some really great ideas but we have a lot of work ahead of us, I felt a little overwhelmed by all the info and changes we need to make. Apparently every room in our home is set up wrong and all our pictures are hung too high. I guess I have a lot of packing and moving of furniture in the next little bit. On a side note, our bathrooms are show home ready.

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  1. Kim, I dread the day when we decide to put our house up! Hopefully not too soon! Can you imagine what she'd say about our house: dog beds, dog hair, calendars where they're not supposed to be....Pam can tell you first hand what it's like and will likely have some good ideas if you care to ask her. Basically, you have to strip your house of all personality. You're selling a fantasy of a show home, even though the clods that will be moving in will just have their grungy, tacky furniture to fill up the space. It doesn't sound like she said anything major, though--you don't have to paint the walls, do you? So other than rearranging and emptying, you're in good shape! One thing I'm curious about: did the stager say anything about erasing all traces of a dog? That's what Pam's stager told her to do. What a pain. Good luck! Love,