Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A much needed face lift.

Alright Zombie lovers! I know that I have been a little absent. All for a good reason, promise. I have not been sitting around picking my butt the whole time, I have actually been very busy. One thing that I have been up to is refinishing some furniture. We have been thinking of listing our home and all I could think of was "oh dear god, people are going to see our ugly bedroom furniture". It really was hideous! I have owned it since I was in junior high and it has developed large stains, dints and even burns. Our master bedroom was by far the ugliest room in our home. There was no way we could show it without a new bedroom set, so I decided to repaint it (who has the money for new furniture now a days?!). It was a large task to take on, one that is not quite finished but damn close enough to show off photos. Here are the before and afters:



I sanded the whole set, filled in the holes from the previous hardware with wood filler (since the new stuff is slightly smaller). Painted the whole thing white, I think this set was originally white, but over the years began to take on an ugly ivory look. Painted the top black and spray painted the brass hardware black. It took about 2 weeks in total since we could only work on it for 1-2 hours at night after the kids had gone to bed and it took the black paint 4 hours to dry. It was well worth it.

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