Friday, January 20, 2012

To ink, or not to ink?

For my 30th birthday all I have asked for is a tattoo. I don't have any. I know, your jaw just hit the keyboard. I love tattoos, I love men with tattoos, I love looking at them, shopping for them, drawing them out, but I myself do not have a single one. Why? because I have commitment issues. I have about a dozen ideas in my head and not one of them is meaningful enough to be the "one". I think I may be over analyzing this, over thinking the meaning behind every tattoo. I have always said that I would not put anything on my body that did not mean something to me. Problem is that everything I think is pretty, I can find meaning with but I just cannot convince myself that it is enough to commit to for a lifetime. Will I actually get a tattoo? We shall see

What does your tattoo/s mean?


  1. Just do it :) I was the same as you- didn't want anything unless it was super meaningful. I thought about my first one for 5 years before I committed to it... finally got it- a small ladybug on my foot (my nickname from the time I was 2 has been Katiebug, and my family constantly buys me ladybug themed things). 8 years later (6 months ago), on the other foot, I got my boys' names (with room for a third ;)). At the same time, I also got a Dr.Seuss quote on the back side of my shoulder (doesn't mean anything super special; I just really like it). Even if the specific image doesn't mean anything special, but you think it's pretty, there's nothing wrong with getting it to mark a milestone in life (like celebrating your 30th!).

  2. Just like Katie said my actual tattoos are not overly special but why I got them is. I got my first one for high school grad (a butterfly) and my second one I went and got matching tattoos with my mom for my 18th birthday (Chinese symbol for love). If it's something you like and it's for a special reason you will always be reminded of why you got it when you look at it.

  3. I'm really surprised that you don't have a tat, Kim! Maybe start with something small, in a discreet area that maybe won't hurt too much?--I've heard that around the arm it really hurts. Mum will also add that you should make sure the tattoo parlour is reputable and sterilizes its instruments! If I were, oh, 30 years younger, I'd probably get one, though I agree, you want the symbol to be carefully chosen. Good luck, B.