Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Shart by any other name

With my toddler entering into the parroting stage I have found myself having to find substitutes for various swears in order to keep her from adding them to her own vocabulary. One word that I am struggling to find an appropriate substitute for is Shart (used to describe when someone farts and a little bit of poop comes out too). With the addition of Elodie we have been using this word a lot more. She seems to shart a lot and it's a great way to describe a diaper with just a smidgen of poop in it (take note that once you have kids, poop becomes a very popular conversation topic)

Since this word is just too close to saying sh*t we have been forced to find an alternative. Here are some of our options:

Poot: Poop and a toot
Dart: A diarrhea fart
Part: A poop fart
Tart: this is just cute, really it stands for a toot fart which makes no sense as a substitute for a shart
Port: Poop fart
Foop: Fart poop
Farp: same as above
Toop: A toot poop
Puff: A poop fluff
Tuff: same as above

and finally, a hershey squirt.

Which would you feel is an appropriate substitute?

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