Friday, November 11, 2011

So close, yet so far away!

Today would of been an awesome day to have a baby. It's 11.11.11 and Remembrance Day, it would also mean that I would of been 3 days early which is far longer than my doctors ever expected me to go yet so much better than being late. But to no avail, this baby does not seem to want to come. It must be a boy, it's going to be late and stubborn.

It was a close call though, I thought for sure today would be the day. For everyone who I keep lying to, I have been having false labour almost every night lately and last night was no exception. I started having contractions at about 9:00 pm. They only lasted for over an hour and never got crazy painful so I knew that is was a no go. I hopped into the bath and they stopped so off to bed I go. At around 3:00 am I woke to more contractions. They were light and spaced so I tried to sleep through them. Finally at 4:0o am I got up to see if I could get them closer together and stronger. I walked around, did the dishes and still they never progressed. I got them as close as 4 minutes apart but once I sat down or laid down they started to get further apart again. So back to bed at 5:00. I thought: heck, I am still getting contractions, I might just be too early, might as well get some sleep.

6:30 am Kaiya wakes us up and those darn contractions are still coming. Sporadic and ranging from 3-5 on the pain scale. I take the doggie for a walk, bounce on my ball, shower get ready and still no progress. My hubby had the day off so we planned to go for lunch with his family, By this time I am GROUCHY. These contractions are annoying. The last thing I want to do is talk to people about my false labor and have them tell me "Oh maybe today is the day then." Yeah right. Off to lunch we go. Still having annoying false labor. At this point it's been almost 9 hours of false labor, yuck. After lunch I went home and took a nap with Kaiya and the contractions stopped. Thank goodness, but so disappointing.

So for everyone who thinks that I am being a bitter pregnant lady because I am almost "late". This is the reason why I have been a hermit and a grouch, false labor is a nasty joke from Mother Nature.

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