Monday, November 7, 2011

39 Weeks

Today I am 39 weeks, yikes. I didn't REALLY want to make it this far but I did kind of expect to. I've had a lot of people say to me "oh you are so big you will probably go early. Your daughter was right on time so you will probably go early, blah, blah, blah." This has been so discouraging for me. Not only have I had a major "false" labor episode (one where we were literally on our way to the hospital when the contractions stopped) but all the words of "encouragement" have not helped. No I am not in labor yet, please stop asking. If something was going on or if I was feeling "off" I would tell you, please don't call/text every hour to see if there is any progres. Baby may be here today, tomorrow or even 2 weeks. We all need to be patient, please.

With that said this is where I stand:

How far along? 39 weeks, one more week till my due date *la sigh*
Total weight gain: I asked today at my doctor's appointment, a first in a long time and I am proud to report that it is only 36 pounds (please remember I gained almost 50 with Kaiya).
Stretch Marks? Same old ones, bigger, redder and nastier and still growing. I ran out of bio oil and I am refusing to buy more.
Sleep? non existent.
Best moment this week? I don't have one, false labor puts you in a FOUL mood.
Movement: Tons of wiggles and jiggles. I almost think it picked up again.
Food Cravings: None, but I have to report that I now have a real food aversion. Vanilla extract. A drop makes food overwhelmingly vanilla-ee.
Gender: Still stuck on boy.
Labour signs: Tons. Not just the false labor but I am now 3-4 cm dilated (still from last week) but baby has fully dropped now and I am all softened and stuff. So any day (is what I keep hearing).
Belly Button in or out? Well it ain't going back in till this baby comes out so still a major outie.
What I miss: Still beer, wine, coolers etc. Also I miss normal cuddles with my hubby, this bely hinders LOT!
What I am looking forward to: Labor and meeting this new little person, oh and not having acne anymore.
Weekly wisdom: I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to induce labor (minus the Castor Oil, I refuse to get hard core diarrhea for no reason) nothing works, it's all old wives tales (even rimming isn't a sure thing, today is the third shot at that).
Milestone: Being almost done, this baby will be here for sure in 3 weeks (they induce if you are 2 weeks overdue).

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