Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have never done so much laundry

I cannot believe that it's already been over a week since Elodie was born. She has definitely changed in the last 8 days. She now has a lot more wakeful times, mostly fussy times not quiet alert times *sigh*. She eats A LOT! She feeds more than Kaiya did and with all the in she has a lot more out. I am constantly changing poopy diapers, we started cloth diapering again and have abandoned it for the time being because my washing machine wasn't able to keep up with her bowels. To add to it I have never washed so many sets of sheets in a single weekend than I did this past one. Every time I turned around one of my little girls was peeing on my bed. We changed our sheets 3 times one day, Oy Vei!

So how is it with 2 kids? Exhausting.

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