Thursday, September 1, 2011

The curse of the Car Seat

When we went away last summer to Toronto for my cousin's wedding, we had decided to bring along our car seat so that we didn't have to use the rental shops in the rental van. Gotta love airlines because they broke the leveller on it. I have been hesitant to use it for this baby since we are unsure of how safe the installation will be into the car if there is no level. So the search was on to find a new one. But before I purchased anything new I wanted to email Graco to see if they had a replacement part in for it and if they did how much it would be. After a week I never heard back so I figured that it was a lost cause.

I preferred to purchase the same kind/brand so that we may still use the old base in Blair's car and the new base in mine. Well apparently this is an older model so there are very few stores that are still selling them (yes the company is still making them and yes they are safe) Well I found one at Superstore for DIRT cheap! It was at least $100 cheaper then the next store and anywhere online. I hummed and hawed over buying it. Finally I brought Blair with me and we decided to just do it. Well once we looked in the box that was supposed to contain the "new" car seat I discovered that pieces were missing and the information card that you fill out to send into the company for recall purposes was already filled out. NOT COOL. Try and sell me a returned car seat, I'll show you. I was not too impressed. Back home we go. I ended up having "nightmares" about this stupid car seat. It was still in workable condition (appeared to not have ever been installed in someones car, but just taken home), some of the parts we didn't really need and I could just look up the recall info on my own if I wanted to (again, this was a smoking good price). After a few nights sleep I returned on the monday to buy it. I get there, and it's gone. Son of a btch! I talked to the sales lady and she agreed to sell me the floor model (with ALL the parts and in awesome condition) unfortunately that means we would be unable to return it for any reason. Again I hummed and hawed but this time I wasn't going to let it get away, so I bought it.

I got home with my score of a buy only to discover that Graco had emailed me back saying that the replacement part was going to be $5. Double Son of a Btch!!!! Now I have 2 car seats. I can now safely have twins.
Our new seat

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