Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So it's going to be THAT kind of day is it?!

The babe has come down with yet another cold. Yuck. Which means that I have come down with yet another cold. I am feeling a little sorry for myself since not only do I feel like crap and sleep like crap on good days but Kaiya still has not settled back into sleeping through the night and needing constant reassurance from us that we are still alive and in the next room. Last night was one of the worst. She was up periodically through out the night. At one point Blair even went and slept on the floor of her room till she settled.

At about 5 this morning she woke up AGAIN. This time we put our foot down, no sleeping on the floor, no snuggles, back tickles etc. At 6 we caved and Kaiya came to bed with us. For 15 minutes we slept like logs. Then the day broke and up Blair and I got to get ready for work, babe still sound asleep in our bed (go figure).

I go downstairs, make a nice sandwich for lunch walk out of the room for a brief 2 minutes only to come back in and discover that my sandwich is missing. Keep in mind that I am still a little foggy and that I automatically assume I have placed it some where weird. I search the cupboards, the freezer, the pantry, nothing. I am beginning to doubt I ever made a sandwich. Fine, I will make another. Open the fridge, I used the last 2 slices of bread (minus the 2 nasty end pieces that no one eats and I am not about to make an exception for today) with the first sandwich. Pouting I make my way upstairs to whine to Blair.

"I am so annoyed, I made a sandwich for lunch and now I can't find it."
"What do you mean you can't find it?"
"Well I went to the bathroom, came out and it was gone"
"I'll come down and help."
"No, I think Nanook ate it."
"What?! Did you put it on the floor?" (Nanook has never, ever eaten anything off the counters before, hence the whole reason I never suspected him to begin with).
"No, it was on the counter. I think he ate it."

Blair still took a look around the kitchen, but our furry little friend had the look of guilt on his face. At least someone enjoyed my lunch today.

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