Thursday, June 2, 2011

To switch or not to switch?

Blair and I are very unhappy with our current cell phones and their carrier, well I guess I am currently unhappy with my cell phone and Blair is sitting miserable in the corner without a phone at all right now (yes we have broken yet another cell phone..... yikes!) So I called Telus yesterday (f*cking Telus jerks!) told them I wanted to cancel my plan and was wondering how much of a payout penalty will we have.
The grils asked "may I ask why?"
"Sure" I said. "I am extremely unhappy with Telus right now"
"Ok then" and that was it. No trying to talk me out of it, no asking why I was unhappy or if there was anything they could do to help. just "Ok" which pissed me off more. This is clearly how much you value me as a client.
Turns out we are going to have to pay $320 to get out of the last 8 months of our contract. Not bad seeings how we pay over $100 a month now for NOTHING really. So I am all for switching to someone who has a phone protection guarantee.
iPhones here we come!!


  1. I got my iPhone a couple months ago and haven't looked back. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  2. Wow, $320 is a lot to pay for eight months. Call again and ask to speak to someone in their customer retention department. When I threatened to leave Fido I got unlimited anytime minutes, free international and local texting and a 'flexible' data plan all for like $55/month. It's definitely worth trying again and talking to someone who is willing to do their job. But if you do decide to change, James has had pretty good experiences with Bell. I've stuck with Fido because I collect 'Fido Dollars' every month and so when I go to buy a new phone I pay next to nothing (You can accumulate about $150 over the course of a three year contract). The service is okay. Nothing extraordinary but I haven't really had any complaints.

    Oh, and go !!!