Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Alive!

Relief is all I can say to describe how I feel.
I had my doctors appointment this morning and everything looks great. I am measuring perfectly, blood pressure is good and my weight has not sky rocketed out of control yet. The best part was hearing the heart beat for the first time. Although it took her a long time, varies spots and a change of positions (at which point I was on the verge of tears) the lovely sound of the wump, wump, wump, was just like a large sigh of relief. The heart rate was at 165, nice and strong.

Stubborn baby!

How far along? 16 and a half weeks baby!
Total weight gain? 8 pounds..... oops.
Maternity Clothes? Yes but they look hideous on me. I feel like I am either sporting a muffin top in my regular clothes or swimming in my mat pants.
Stretch Marks? The old ones are starting to get purple again... yuck!
Sleep? I am sleeping like the dead right now.
Movement? Small thumps every now and then
Food Cravings? None
Gender? I'm thinking boy since this pregnancy is SO different so far.
Labour Signs? None
Belly Button in or out? starting to become flat. I am not looking forward to the cabbage patch nubbin again.


  1. I think they say girls have fast hearbeats and boys have slower ones but Loxley was always up around 160 and Daisy closer to 145-150 so that's clearly an old wives tale. Glad to hear things went well, I knew they would ;)

  2. Yay! Great to hear. I think it's a boy. But who knows?!

  3. My vote goes to boy! I am so glad everything went well!