Thursday, May 19, 2011

You have been warned.

I am a grouch this morning. I am not a morning person and as of late I have been getting worse. Don't look at me, talk to me or stand close to the sink while I am trying to brush my teeth because you will get a death stare, and very loud sigh letting you know that I am about to rip your head off. Mine and Blairs schedule works well for this avoidance tactic. By the time he gets home from running the dog I am just finishing up brushing my teeth and heading downstairs to get some breakfast. I don't have to say anything to anyone till I get to work and I LOVE it!

Lately Babe has been waking up early. As soon as I hop out of the shower there she is, someone I have to talk to, share my space with and yes, yell at from time to time. She pulls out all my make up, all my jewellery and all the kleenex out of the boxes. She drops things in the toilet when I am not looking and tries to put pit stick on when I am. She drives me bananas in the morning and it is starting to wear on me.

This morning I was 2 cents short for the group coffees at Timmy's and 3 minutes late for work, it is raining and I could not find any pants to wear. I am sitting in my little box at work avoiding all contact with humans. I am warning you now, try not to piss me off today because you might really see the Zombie come out.

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