Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pregnancy update

How Far Along? 15 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not totally sure, but I think I am up 5 pounds.
Maternity Clothes? I am at about 50% regular clothes, 50% mat clothes
Stretch Marks? Just the old ones, no new ones yet.
Sleep? Hit and miss right now. Some nights I sleep like the dead, others I toss and turn.
Best Moment this week? None that are pregnancy related.
Movement? Popcorn every now and then.
Food Cravings? Hummus I guess (if I have to put something).
Gender? Not gonna find out.
Labour Signs?
Belly Button In or Out? Still in
What I miss? Feeling skinny.
What I am looking forward to? Movement that Kaiya can feel and being out of the "fat" stage.
Weekly Wisdom: Don't get pregnant :P
Milestone: Almost hitting 4 months.

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