Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mommy Secret #2

For all those who don't have children: When a child is crying in a crowded room, no matter how annoyed and frustrated you are, the mom of that child feels it a million times more.

When your baby is crying, you cannot help but feel terrible for everyone around you. It is frustrating, annoying and it makes you want to cry and scream along with them. You do things to help soothe your child that you swore you would never do ie: put their thumb in their mouth, nurse them in public, give them those car keys to suck on, anything you can think of to help soothe them because you feel so utterly bad for everyone around you would do anything to make it stop.

The situation is never as bad as you think it is and most people aren't as annoyed as you think they may be. But you can't stop the stress that comes with a crying child in public.

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