Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Christmas bonus this year was.....

A Pink Slip
My Office decided to end their contract with my employer at the beginning of December. They informed me right away and said that since the company is unionised they can't just give me the position, they will have to post it for all employees. So after a month of hell and stress, today they finally announced that the contract has been severed and that my job is up for grabs.
Now I wait. January 18th is the deadline for the posting, so I will find out after that if i even get an interview. I for sure have a job till March 4th, but past that I may be behind the checkout counter at Walmart.
I am stressed beyond belief! I cannot afford to be unemployed, I won't even get a severance package. This month has been hell. I am a mess, my fuse is short, I feel antisocial and I am not sleeping.
That's my big announcement.


  1. Aw Kim. I am so sorry. This is ridiculous. You don't need to go through this. If you ever need an help, you just want to rant, or anything else, I am here for you!♥♥

  2. Mum mentioned this to me, that sucks! But surely they're not going to want to go through and train someone new, I'm sure they'll realize they already have a perfectly good candidate right in front of them.