Monday, October 25, 2010

Sliced and Diced by a Can of Green Beans

This past weekend I fell victim to a can of green beans. It started off as any other day. I was making Babe some grub when all of a sudden I was mauled and viciously attacked out of know where. After many bloody paper towels and a few curses I called my mom to drive me to Urgent Care (I was a little light headed from the shock of it all) while Blair stayed home with Babe. Turns out I had 3 cuts on 3 separate fingers on my left hand, 2 of which needed stitches, the thumb and the middle finger. I only received 4 stitches in total but it was still mind blowing that a can of all things could cut so deep. I know those suckers are sharp but I always thought I was careful when pulling off their little lids. I guess the newest item on my Christmas list is a can open that leaves no sharp edges.

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  1. I cringe every time I hear the story! Ugh! Must be soooo painful