Sunday, July 4, 2010

Movie Review: The Last Airbender

Blair and I went out for our long awaited "The Last Airbender" movie night. We have been obsessed with this anime series since it first came out and now that it was made into a movie we were over the hill with ecstasy about going to see it.

First off I have to say, if you can watch the original anime series "Avatar, The Last Airbender" (they had the name first and no there is no blue giant people in this) do so cause it's amazing!! Everyone that I know that we have passed the DVDs onto got hooked.

Now back to the movie review I give it a generous 6 out of 10, and that's only because we were so pumped about it and we knew the back story. Those who don't know the originals might get bored and lost within the first half and only get semi pumped during the last.
Although seeing the original might be a benefit it also was a downer too. Here are a few points that I hated about the movie

1. The boys name is ANG! Not ONG like they kept saying. Where the f did that come from?! It's from anime that you cannot misinterpret since you can hear the characters calling him Ang with your own god damn ears.

2. It's SOCKA not SOAKA! Seriously another name f-up! What's with that! It was driving me bananas during the whole movie.

3. The acting sucked.

4. The character portrayal was worse. There was no comedic relief (not that it ever got too intense for it anyways ha) from one of the main characters that is supposed to be a funny guy. And one of the characters was supposed to have a very prominent burn scar over one of his eyes that is a HUGE part of the story and in the movie only ended up being wimpy and if caught in the right lighting not at all noticeable... lame! There was only about 1 character that I thought they did a good job on portraying, I guess it's Mr. Shamalamalams ( or whatever his name is tee hee) interpretations on them not mine.

All in all this was a ball dropper, but I will still see the next one since I love the series so much... kinda like those Twilight fans and their god awful movies/actors/books (don't shun me I still read them all and seen the movies).

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