Thursday, July 22, 2010

A consultation with a psychic might be my answer

So for the past few nights I have been laying awake with sever insomnia due to the inability to turn my brain off. I have been thinking of all the tasks that i have begun to take on and decided that once I go back to work one of them has to go by the way side. Now the tricky part, which one? Do I postpone school again for another few years or do I put off starting my own business?

Here is the reason I am considering putting off school:
1. I am going to be so busy with full time work, and full time school that I won't have time for my family or even to unwind.
2. I am afraid (or pray) that I am going to get pregnant before my schooling is done and therefore I won't even get a chance to work in my field before I am on mat leave again.
3. Once baby #2 comes, daycare will be so expensive that it won't make any sense for me to go back to work till they are in school themselves (which if we have 3 kids could possibly be 10 years!)
4. It makes more sense to go back when I am not feeling the pressure of full time work.

Now the reasons why I want to postpone my new company:
1. It isn't a huge money maker, more like a hobby.
2. It takes time to create all my little goodies and I am afraid I won't be able to keep up with the demand.
3. I still will need to work full time.
4. The start up cost is outrageous if I want to make it legit.

I need some help making up my mind. Any feedback would be awesome!! What are your thoughts at what I should do?


  1. I think you should put off school... I agree with your point that you're hoping to keep having babies and so really, your full-time job is going to be motherhood. If Blair goes back to school to be a dentist, hopefully you guys will be making enough that you can stay home full-time and then what would have been the point? School will always be there.

  2. School is always an option, it will be your whole life. I think you are in a stage in your life, where having a family is first priority. And that is perfect. You just need to do what feels right. Doing your business feels good to you, I can tell. It is hard, but its not full time. Only do as much as you feel. My mom went back to school when she was 50. Thats the beauty of it!

  3. I think you need to do what feels right. I think your business will do well so I think you need to give it time and see where it goes. School will always be there....