Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a HUGE week!

Playing with Pinocchio on Nana's lap (one of 4 new hats).
Being all cute in her new hat from Nana and Papa's trip to the Mediterranean.Yes we did put her in the bag.

What a cutie!

Kaiya hit some major milestones this week. First off she is now signing for the actual thing. She does "milk" when I am nursing her and she does "drink" for water. Hurray for no more sign confusion. Also this week she started to clap and wave on purpose. It is so darn cute. But the biggest thing she learned how to do is CRAWL!! Yup we have a crawling baby. She is scooting around the house almost like a pro and it is kinda scary. My babe is so big now. Before we know it she will be getting her belly button pierced and sneaking out of the house (if she is anything like her mommy).


  1. YAY! She crawled! That is so awesome. I'm so proud of her!

  2. Yeah!!! Good job Kaiya!!!! I can't wait to see her crawl!