Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grouchy old Fart!

I went to the mall to do same laps yesterday with my Mom and Kaiya. While there Kaiya's nap was way over do, so I laid her back in the stroller and threw my jacket over top of the canopy to keep the sun out (she needs pitch black to sleep). It was in no way shape or form covering her face at all.
As we were waiting in line to grab some food these crotchety old lady came up to my mom and said "How does it breath?" giving my mom the nastiest look and referring to Kaiya snug as a bug in the stroller. My mom was so shocked that someone would have the balls to say something like that to her that the wittiest of comments failed her till the lady was no longer in ear shot.
The nerve of some people!! Really, it's none of your f'in business what I do with my daughter, or what my mom does with her. Some people have the biggest balls.

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