Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow what a week!

First off, Kalen got to come home from the hospital and Blair, Kaiya and I headed into the city to meet him. He is such a doll! He makes me smile even thinking of him. I wanted to take him home he is so precious. Megan, I promise not to steal your baby... really :)

Now Kaiya had her 6 months check up yesterday. Everything is perfect except a little constipation from the rice cereal she so loves (ouch!), diaper rash from the constipation (double ouch!) and she has a small head haha. I could of told you that. It is kinda in the family, my nephew has a small head too and has seen a pediatrician for it and everything checks out. When I say small I don't mean falling off the charts tiny, just in the 10th-25th percentile. Normally that's not a big deal but since she was in the 50th before our Doc just wants a second opinion (which I am so ok with since I would much rather have a doctor who is over thorough than not at all). As for weight and height she has also dropped a bit in the charts, she is 16 pounds and 1 ounce now and only 25 1/2inches long. Both in the 50th percentile. I am happy with these numbers

Now the best part! We had a follow up appointment with her specialist this afternoon about her hips and I am happy to report that she is now a normal brace free baby! No more harness during naps or at night hurray!!! I am thrilled!

So for this weekend it'll be quite an adventure since we are headed out of town to visit family 5 hours away. Not only will this be our first road trip with a baby (who hates car seats) but it'll be the first with Nanook too. We normally have Blair's folks watch him for us but they are away vacationing right now so we get to bring him along. I was just looking for an excuse any ways to take him to the farm... so much poop, so little time!!
So unfortunately I will have no access to a computer for the next few days since we are heading into the stone age. Not blogging might be a challenge haha.



  1. So excited that Kaiya doesn't have to wear her brace! That is fantastic! Hope you guys have a fun on your road trip! Have a great Easter!!!

  2. Yay for Kaiya being brace free!!
    Enjoy your weekend away, and happy Easter!