Monday, April 12, 2010

Sh*tty day with a great ending

We spent most of the day in Urgent Care again. Not because Kaiya is sick, but because we thought we had broken her arm! Blair was kind enough to let me sleep in a little this morning and as I was coming downstairs to greet my babe and hubby I was welcomed with a lot of tears. Turned out Blair picked her up kinda awkwardly and ended up hearing a crack. Yikes!! After some snuggles and a feeding and a realization that she still isn't really using that arm and is super fussy when we touch it or move her we decide it's time to head off to the docs.

First we go to a walk-in clinic, where they say that it looks like nothing since she was moving it a bit but they will send her for x rays anyways. But we would have to wait a few days for the results... um not going to happen, so we either head over to the children's hospital in the city or to urgent care in our town. So off we go again. The same nurse and Doctor were working again and remembered us from Friday. Really nice to have a familiar face and someone who is starting to know Kaiya there (Blair said that's a bad thing since we don't want the people in the emergency center to know who we are, it means we are there way too much haha). They took one look at her and said "Yup her elbow is out". Turns out we had dislocated her elbow (very common in small children and so not a big deal) and all we needed to do was pop it back in. Easier said then done because as soon as it was popped in out came the water works but within minutes she was using that hand for everything again. What a stressful ordeal though. Here I was thinking we just got her out of one brace and now we are putting her into another :( Alls good, she doesn't even seem to be in any pain yay.

To end off the day she decided to surprise us with a roll! We have a roller! Both Blair and I were there as witnesses to the amazing event and we even got it on video the very second time. Go babe!

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