Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter weekend #2

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with Blair's family. Everyone (including ourselves) were away the weekend before so we didn't get a chance to do it then. It was a nice evening, good food, good company and all the babes were awesome. I do wish that we could of stayed longer to chit chat more. It felt like as soon as we put the rug rat down to sleep and had time on our hands everyone scattered to the winds. It is so very difficult to have a great visit with the kids dancing around and our babes constantly needing attention. That's the wonderful thing about visiting family away. You can put the kids to bed and stay up all night drinking and talking.

Blair's brother just recently turned 20 and we missed the birthday celebration on Saturday. I wish we could of been there for him. You only turn 20 once! I think Blair is planning on taking him and Heather and myself out for a night, but it still doesn't make up for missing the real thing. I am finally feeling like things are getting better with Blair's family. We had a huge falling out a few years ago and have been struggling to mend it for a while. I think that the hatchet has been buried and we can feel more welcome at family get togethers, maybe we will be able to see his family more. God knows we don't see them enough. Once every couple months is not nearly enough.

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