Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Over Protective?

So we had a little incident this weekend that I cannot get out of my head. A child at my Aunts house threw a toy at Kaiya's face. It hit her hard enough to leave a small bump and two little bruises above and below her eye. After this I kept a close eye on the other child and was scolded in front of everyone when I pushed him away when it appeared that he was going to step on her. I was embarrassed and angry about this and is making me second guess my decisions as a mom. Am I being over protective? Was I out of line for keeping danger from my child? I understand that yes they are going to get hurt and this is the first of many bruises, but if I can stop her from getting hurt should I not try? would the other mothers in the room that did the scolding and frowning of done the same if they were in my boat?

I wish babies came with instruction booklets.

1 comment:

  1. Your baby, is still your baby.
    You cannot protect her from everything, she will fall and scrape her knee. But those are things that are accidents. When another child does something, if it can be prevented you should protect her. You have incredible maternal instincts, no one can tell you how to parent your child. You know what is best, so just trust yourself!