Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It has happened

My blog has officially become a mommy blog period. *sigh* I was hoping that I could find other things in my life to blog about other than my babe, but it turns out my life is my babe. Becoming a mom means that you eat, sleep, breath baby and that's it. I am finding it hard to have an identity all of my own. I went through one of these mini "me" crisis' when I got married. I was constantly associating myself as Blair's wife, and that's it. I lost who I was for a time being, and now I am doing the same. I hope I find myself again real soon, or my blog is going to be real boring haha.

1 comment:

  1. Even though I'm not married with a baby, I've noticed this with a good friend of mine; you need to make time to go out, or you'll go crazy! Even if you need to bring Kaiya along, find a friend and just go out for coffee or something. My friend has become a hermit since having her baby, and whenever I she complains about not getting out or seeing anyone, I'm always surprised because I always offer to hang out with her and they baby, but she's the one always backing out, for no reason at all!

    Anyway... I don't mind reading a mommy blog :)